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Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum

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 14 Lesson Plan Curriculum With Interactive CD
The Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum is an innovative conservation education supplement that teaches students about a variety of wildlife species, natural resources, ecological concepts, and conservation.

The lessons in the Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum are interdisciplinary and incorporate subjects such as vocabulary, math, science, and language arts. They are designed to be user-friendly for educators with little experience teaching about wildlife or conservation.

The CD-ROM offers students the opportunity to view and hear 60 species of wildlife in their native habitat. 

The Wildlife Forever CD-ROM Curriculum accompanies these 60 species profiles with 14 fun lesson plans that offer valuable knowledge of the environment, the functions of ecosystems, and the history of conservation to impart a feeling of personal responsibility for the wonders of nature.

Join Wildlife Forever in preparing tomorrow’s conservationists in the classrooms of today!


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